Banners flutter in the wind. For a moment, the crowd holds its breath as the mounted knights charge down the lists. The tips of the lances are lowered at the very last moment and shatter on the gleaming armour. The horses are showered in a rain of splinters and sawdust as they thunder on, their riders reeling in the saddle… 

At the moment, we offer four medieval shows:

The Noble Hunt

This show revolves around a noble hunting company. The lords and ladies engage in a friendly game of showing their skill at arms. Afterwards, they go out into the forest, accompanied by their courtiers, to participate in a deer hunt. When a wild boar turns up, the courage of our knights is put to the test…

Mounted Falconry

A demonstration of mounted falconry that can be added to "the Noble Hunt". We show you the various medieval birds of prey and their hunting tactics. This show is a coproduction between the Langenort Foundation and falconer Joanna van Zadelhoff.

The Unknown Knight

An Unknown Knight, who hides his face and whose shield bears no coat of arms, provokes the Duke of Guelders. The only solution to end this quarrel is to issue a pas d’armes, a trial by combat. A joust and a melee are called for to settle the difference. If the Unknown Knight wins, the Duke will be humiliated. But if he loses, he is forced to reveal his identity...

The Chivalrous Tourney

The Duke of Guelders issues a pas d’armes: a challenge for the knights to compete against the Duke in the magnificent tournament. They take up the knightly weapons – the warhammer and the mace. Next up is the joust, in which the knights try to unhorse each other with lances. Finally, the tournament culminates in the mighty melee: the knights, armed with clubs, engage in mounted combat, testing the limits of their skill at arms and their horsemanship!